President                Stuart Anderson         0472 803 507 

Vice President        Paul Tomerini          

Secretary                Tammy Cherry           0424 161 522

Membership Sec     Lyndsay Dwyer

Treasurer                 Julia Wastson          

Race Secretary        Tammy Smith                                 

Track Manager         Ben Hall             






PO BOX 3053





The following are the various committee positions:



President: The president supports all the other committee members and ensures that all aspects of the running of the club are in accordance with the constitution of the club.

The president shall be a MWA delegate and shall attend MWA meetings and promote the club to ensure its growth and stability.

The president ensures that the website is kept up to date with all upcoming events and news.


Vice President: Supports the president in all aspects and steps up when the President is unavailable.


Secretary: Receives all club mail (both postal and email) and correspondence and ensures that the information is directed to the correct person within the club. The secretary liaises with the president regarding various matters and compiles the agenda for the monthly meetings and takes the minutes at these meetings which are then typed up and distributed to the club members. The secretary ensures that all correspondence is accurately recorded and filed.


Treasurer: Liaises with the accountants and is responsible for the receipt of all monies and the payment of the bills. Prepares financial reports for the monthly club meetings and ensures that the books of account are kept up to date and in accordance with all relevant legislation.


Membership Registrar: The registrar managers club memberships and handles enquiries regarding membership. The registrar guides new members on the process of becoming a member of the club and a licensed rider. The registrar is to maintain a database of club members and ensure that both the race secretary and the club secretary have up to date

copies of this database at all times. The registrar also distributes (and keeps records of) the track keys and membership cards.



Clerk of the Course: The Clerk of the Course is the person responsible for the actual running of a race meeting. He or she ensures that the meeting is conducted in accordance with the current GCR's and is responsible for the issues of safety.


Steward: The Steward is the referee for each club event as required.


Race Secretary: To do this position you need to hold at least a MWA Level 1 Race Secretary license. The race secretary prepares the regulations and programs for all our club events. She/he organises the entries for these events and is responsible for making the application for the MWA permits for these events. The race secretary is to ensure that all reports following an event are submitted timeously to MWA as required.

The race secretary applies to MWA for the monthly practice permit which is to be changed at the beginning of each month and the necessary documentation regarding the practice sign on sheets to be submitted to MWA within 5 days of the end of each month.


Track Manager: The track manager is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the track ensuring that all the water pipes, lights, markers, tree pruning, bins, grass cutting etc are completed in readiness for each event.

The track manager will oversee the track maintenance team in maintaining the track and facilities. The track manager is to work in association with the president and treasurer ensuring that the costs and scope of work to be done is acceptable to the committee.


Track maintenance team: This team work together with the track manager ensuring that the track and facilities are maintained.


Canteen manager: The canteen manager is responsible for running the canteen, which entails purchasing supplies and preparing food for each event held at the club. The canteen manager manages the helpers in the canteen on the day. This person is responsible for collating and depositing all monies received and all payments made in regard to the canteen, as well as regular stock takes in the canteen. This information is then given to the treasurer as soon as possible after the event.


Canteen volunteers: 4 volunteers to help in the canteen on a shift basis as determined by the canteen manager.


Bar manager: The bar manager is responsible for running the bar, which entails obtaining the necessary licenses and / or permits and purchasing supplies for each event held at the club. The bar manager manages the helpers in the bar on the day. This person is responsible for collating and depositing all monies received (within the first week following an event) and all payments made in regard to the bar, as well as regular stock takes in the bar. This information is then given to the treasurer as soon as possible after the event.


Bar volunteers: 2 volunteers to help in the bar as determined by the bar manager.


Adjudicator: Ensures that there are enough scorers for each event. The adjudicator oversees the scoring and compiles the final race scores. The adjudicator arranges for the scores to be posted on the website. The adjudicator works in conjunction with the treasurer to purchase the club trophies.


Scorers: 2 scorers to assist the adjudicator on the day working in shifts as determined by the adjudicator.


Finisher: The finisher counts the laps and indicates to the riders the last lap board and the checkered flag.


Starter: Ensures starting gates are in working order and are well maintained. The Starter must ensure that there are fire extinguishers available and that they are maintained. The starter much ensure that the required flags are available; ensure that the scoring tower is ready and that the track is clear to commence racing. The starter directs the sweeps on the track. The starter directs the riders onto the line and indicates the 15 / 5 second boards. Should you wish to fill/help out in this position during the year, please speak to the Race Secretary.

Head scrutineer: Must have the correct MWA qualification. The head scrutineer oversees the other scrutineers and ensures that all riders bikes and equipment and licenses comply with MWA standards and rules.

The Scrutineer is responsible for ensuring that every competing machine conforms to the GCR's and Supplementary regulations, as well as checking that all the safety gear is compliant.


Assistant Scrutineers: 2 scrutineers to assist the head scrutineer


OC Flags: Works in conjunction with the race secretary ensuring that the correct number of flaggies are available for each race. The OC flags gives a briefing to all the flaggies prior to them stepping out onto the track to ensure that they are aware of the different flags and what their duties are on the day. The OC Flags ensures that the flags and hi-vis vests are maintained. The OC Flags organises the refreshments for the flaggies and the rotation of the flaggies on the day.


Sweeps: 3 sweeps to be available to assist at the various club events


Busy Bee Co-ordinator: Attends the busy bees and ensures that the various jobs that need to be done are allocated to the various people on the day. This person must also follow up on all persons that do not attend their rostered busy bee day and submit a list of these people to the race secretary who will ensure that the necessary penalty is levied prior to that person's child racing on the day.


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