Have you ever wondered what MX would be like as a sport, but had so many unanswered questions .Things like;


Q. Am I too young for this?

A. WAJMCC membership is open to riders of 4 years of age, right through to under 16's.


Q. Will I have to ride with kids much bigger than me?

A. No. The following classes exist to keep riders logically separated; 50cc DEMO, 50cc Division 2, 65cc, 85cc, 85cc Big Wheel and 125/150/250f (the big bikes).


Q. I don't ride very fast, I'm worried that I'll finish last all the time.

A. All riders are divided into grades within their respective classes, so you're only scored against riders of your own ability. Anyway, who cares? You're out there to have fun, right? Most newcomers lap slowly for the first few rounds but don't take long to find their rhythm.


Q. Isn't it really expensive?

A. MX can be as expensive as you want to make it. Sure, there's the inescapable basics like a bike (although you don't need the latest and greatest), the safety gear and the licence/event fees, but it's still way cheaper than pony club! A full list of costs can be see on our General Info page.


Q. Isn't MX dangerous?

A. All sport is dangerous. In MX, riders are well-protected by high-tech safety gear like helmets, body armour, knee guards and neck braces. We find that the rate of serious injury to be very low, even when compared to full-contact (no protection) sports like AFL football.


Q. I've seen the track from the road, and the big jumps look really scary! Will I be able to do it?

A. The track is designed specifically as a junior circuit, so there's nothing that a small 50cc bike couldn't safely get over. You don't need to start jumping obstacles until you feel comfortable in doing so, just roll-em!


Q. How many times do I get to ride on a normal day?

A. A WAJMCC club points day (there are 8 in the year) consists of a brief practice, then 3 races for each class spread across the day.


Q. What size bike can I ride for my age?

A. The official Motorcycling Australia divisions are as follows;

  • 4 to Under 9 - 50cc Demo Class

  • 7 to Under 9 - 50cc Auto Class

  • 7 to Under 12 - 65cc 2-stroke (incl. some 4-stroke trail bikes like the CRF-70, TTR-90 and KLX-110).

  • 9 to Under 12 - 85cc 2-stroke & 150cc 4-stroke (standard wheel only)

  • 12 to Under 16 - 85cc 2-stroke & 150cc 4-stroke (standard or big wheel)

  • 13 to Under 16 - 200 to 250cc 4-stroke & 100cc to 150cc 2-stroke

Q. All I want to do is come and ride on the track. Do I have to race?

A. No! Once mum or dad completes a brief course at Motorcyling WA (level one official's course), you are given a key to the track and can ride pretty much whenever you like. There will often be other kids of your own age up there practicing.


Q. Can I ride at other events?

A. Yes, depending on the licence you choose from MWA (Motorcyling WA). For example, a Junior National license will allow you to compete in pretty much everything, everywhere!


Q. Does the club have someone who can help me to learn the correct way to ride?

A. Yes. Our club has several MWA accredited coaches to help with development. Basic coaching will be offered at the beginning of the season, but it's also possible to attend paid clinics or even 1:1 sessions to help refine your style.


Q. How do I get started?

A.  Call one of the come-n-try officers listed on our committee page, and arrange a 1:1 trial. If you just want to ask more questions, again feel free to call someone!

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