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Membership is open to families, Junior riders 4 – under 16 years.

Add Club Membership through Ridernet – WA Junior MCC

• Single Membership Inc. Refundable Busy Bee Levy $375 - $150 Busy bee Levy will be refunded
back at the end of the year once 3x Busy Bees are completed.
• Single Membership not completing Busy Bee $475 – Busy Bees are not required to be completed
• Family Membership Inc. Refundable Busy Bee Levy $425 - $150 Busy bee Levy will be refunded
back at the end of the year once 3x Busy Bees are completed.
• Family Membership not completing Busy Bee $525 – Busy Bees are not required to be completed.
To Obtain a key to the track there is a is $50 gate key fee.
As well as a membership at a club to be able to ride at the track you would need to Add a current MWA license.
Mini/Recreational Licence – This is for riders 4-under 9yrs that wish to ride in the Demo50cc Class or for
riders 4-under 16yrs that only wish to practice at the club.
Junior National Licence – All riders 7-under 16 years riding in the 50cc Auto and above classes. All these
riders must complete a log book/5hrs of coaching and be signed off.
Current Prices are:

     *Recreational/Mini license: $130.00

     *Junior National License:  $299.00

This year we will be holding a Registration/Practice Day on Sunday 11th of February 2024, this will allow members to collect keys on the day as long as proof of a current 'PS' Practice Supervisors accreditation, MWA license and payment is received on the day. Members will also have the oppoutunity to select what flag point location they would like for the year, what busy bee days would suit them best or it they would like to work in the canteen or try scoring they can sign up on the day.

Ensure that before applying for membership for 2024 all club rules are read and understood.  

When filling out the forms please note that the participant details refer to the child racing.

There is an option of a pit shed rental for race days, subject to pit shed availability.  This is $30 for the year. Renewals only can be completed with memberships however any additional or new requests need to go to Tammy ( 


Membership Duties

Flag Duties
The committee is trying to be fair in regards to flag duties. The reality is that every race meet you need to come to the track prepared to flag or with someone that is able to fulfill your flag duties.

If you do not have a flag marshall then your son/daughter will not be able to ride. We are currently monitoring membership duties so we can make sure that it is not always the same people that arrive late that avoid flag duties.

Busy Bee
As part of your membership you are required to fulfill three busy bees and you have been provided with a copy of the busy bee roster.  An email will be sent prior to remind you of your busy bee duty.  You are required to sign in to confirm your attendance.

Busy Bee is designed to help prepare the grounds and track before a meet. This allows riders, visitors to have a safe environment to ride and watch the days activities.

If you are unable to fulfill your busy bee please contact Tammy or Mel BEFORE your rostered day and reschedule. If you do not do this you will be on ALL DAY FLAGS at that points day.  A sms will be sent advising you to be prepared for all day flags. This has been voted on at previous AGMs and will be firmly implemented in the 2020 season due to ongoing issues with insufficient flaggies.


Race Day Information

Riding Gear / Bike

Before you go out and spend $$$ on a bike and gear, we suggest you contact us or refer to the Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MOMS) which can be downloaded from the MWA website. The manual contains a section on protective gear and bike suitability. Age ranges and applicable bike capacities are also listed.

General Club Rules

•             Riders must attend the riders briefing prior to practice

•             All riders must attend practice

•             No riding is permitted in the pit area

•             Covered shoes must be worn in the pit area at all times

•             No alcohol is permitted in the pit area

•             No dogs are permitted at the track (Guide Dogs excepted).

Race Procedures

Check List

•             Bike

•             Safety Gear - ie Helmet, Goggles, Boots, Armour, Gloves

•             Club Membership card

•             MWA Licence & log book (if applicable)

Arrive at track

•             No bikes are to be started before 9.00am (Shire Ruling).

•             Scrutineering between 7.15am – 8.15am only.

•             No access to the track until 7:45

•             Riders meeting 8.45am.

•             Practice starts at 9.00am.

We must keep strictly to this schedule for the day to run on time.


•             You must present yourself at scrutineering with;

o             Bike, all safety gear, licences, membership cards and nomination fees.

o             All riders have to be signed-on by a parent or guardian and they must continue with the child through scrutineering.

o             Every rider must have a Parent/Guardian to sign on for flag duties.  If you are bringing someone elses child or are not the parent/legal guardian they must have completed a Guardianship Declaration and you must be prepared to do their flag duties as well as your own.

Riders' Meeting

•             Please present yourself in riding gear at 8.45am outside the canteen.

•             All riders and parents must attend.

Practice & Race Order

•             Practice and Race order will be posted on the blackboard outside the canteen.


Please note: It is important to turn up for the 1st three points days, as club grading is carried out by our grading committee over these rounds. Each rider is allocated a grade for the year which will be posted on our notice board at the commencement of the 4th points day. You must complete five (5) points days to be eligible for end of year trophy at our trophy presentation.

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