Club Rules




1. No machines are to be started before 9am nor are to be running after 6pm. No bikes over 250cc four-stroke are permitted.  This is a strict term of our lease that we must abide by.

2. The rider is accountable for parents, support people and spectators.

3. The riding of motorbikes is to be on the track only. Strictly no riding any motorbikes in the car park.  Ride in an anti-clockwise direction at all times.  Track access through the start gates only and exit through the pit return.

4.  No adults to ride motorbikes.

5.  No cutting the track during practice.

6.  All riders are to be 19 years and under.

7.  No non-members to be brought by friends to ‘ride’ unless accompanied by a come and try officer.

8.  Strictly no dogs are allowed at the track (guide dogs permitted).

9.  Front gate is to be kept locked at all times.

10.Parent/guardian supervision is strictly required at all times. Respect the property and remove all your rubbish.

11.All bikes to be washed and refuelled in designated areas. No chemicals/detergents to be used. No pressure cleaners in the car park.

12. No automatic machines (50cc) to be on the track at the same time as geared machines. practice must be split into the following capacities and at no time must this be altered. 

                *50cc Demo and 50cc Auto

                *65cc and 85cc SW

                *85cc BW, 125cc 2 stroke, 150cc 2 stroke and 250cc 4 stroke

                *Under 19's

                **Each group is to have 15 minutes riding time each.

9. Your membership card must accompany your gate key at all times whilst at the track. You must present your membership as identification when asked by another club member or official.

10. Coaching: All coaches must be a current MWA coaching licence holder. All coaches require the committee’s permission and must register with the club secretary informing the club of members being coached, days & times etc.  If a Coach deems it necessary to demonstrate a particular skill to the members being coached, they may request permission from the committee to ride their bike, provided it does not exceed a 250cc 4 stroke.  The committee may consider this but it would be strictly on a case by case basis.  When coaching 50cc automatic riders, coaches are not permitted to ride their bikes under any circumstances. All coaches must carry out a track inspection prior to coaching (this is a Coaches’ duty of care).

11. Safety or security issues: If you detect any safety or security issues at the track, it is your responsibility, as a member, to contact a committee member ASAP and report the problem. 

12. All vehicles must observe a strict 8 Km/h speed limit once inside the gates.

13. NO HASSLE POLICY/CODE OF CONDUCT as per current Manual of Motorcycle Sport.




Guidelines for Club Points Days




1. To qualify for an end-of-year place or participation trophy, a rider must enter and participate in a minimum of five (5) points days in his/her nominated class or classes (see examples below).





2. Riders must nominate his/her class or classes on the day at sign-on.





3. In the event of a placing draw for the series, each rider will receive the relevant trophy.





4. The first three (3) points days are grading days. Points are allocated for rounds 1-3 only after grading has been completed.





5. Five riders constitute a class, at the committee’s discretion.





6. Under certain circumstances, the committee can use discretionary powers to overrule and make decisions.


7. Must completed required Busy Bee’s to qualify for end of year trophy.








1. If a rider starts the season on a DIV2 50cc machine and participates in three (3) points days, then moves to 65cc and completes the remaining five (5) points days, the rider will only receive points for the 65cc class.





2. If a rider completes six (6) points days on a 65cc and then competes in the last two (2) points days on an 85cc machine, they will only receive points for the 65cc class.




If there are any questions concerning these guidelines, please contact Tina Sheehan (Membership Secretary) on 0413325658.

Procedures for Permitted Practice

The following procedures must be observed each time you attend the track for practice.

1. All riders must hold a current MWA racing or recreational licence.

2. All riders must be accompanied by an official (Level 1 minimum), at all times.

3. Officials and riders must sign the officials and riders list situated in the scrutineering shed.

Automatic penalties will apply for riders/officials not correctly signed on. These are:

•1st instance of any riders/officials not signed in - $75 per each rider/official

•2nd instance of any riders/officials- $150 per each rider/official

•3rd instance – withdrawal of all monthly permits until the club can demonstrate through a management plan improved practice procedure.

4. Signing-on must include, both riders and officials licence number, expiry date, time in and time out.

5. Injury and incident reports must be filled out in the event of an accident. These must be reported and sent to the club Secretary immediately.

6. Please read the indemnity on the back of these sheets before signing.

7. Paperwork and documentation is to remain at the track for the Race Secretary to collect (with the exception of injury/incident reports).

8. Emergency and Club contacts clear and on display

9. Paperwork and documentation is to remain at the track for the Race Secretary to collect (with the exception of injury/incident reports).

10. Officials actively supervising, that is, in a position to supervise adequately ALL riders, and responsible for application of all rules, club and MA, for all riders.

11. When you are signed on as an official you need to be acting accordingly. This includes no alcohol and recreational drug consumption

12. Practice must be split into the following bike capacities and at no time must this be altered.

•50cc Demo and 50cc Auto

•65cc and 85cc SW

•85ccBW, 125cc 2 stroke, 150cc 2 stroke and 250cc 4 stroke


13. All riders must be a current CLUB member.

14. No bikes to be started before 9am.

15. Obey all club rules.

All members must comply with these guidelines, with no exceptions. Members found in breach may have their membership revoked.

An Inspector from MWA has been appointed and will progressively visit every venue in Western Australia where monthly permits are issued to check on compliance.

These procedures follow the MWA endorsed practice policy. It is imperative that these rules are followed and adhered to or both RIDER and OFFICIAL can have their licences revoked and in some cases the CLUB LICENCE can be revoked as well which will mean no riding for anyone!


Risk Management

WAJMCC is committed to the promotion of safe participation in motorcycle sport and as such has adopted this risk management plan.

Challenges such as potential litigation and increasing insurance premiums pose considerable ongoing threats to the viability motocross as a sport. The protection of our sport will be best achieved by a uniform approach to the management of risk. We recognise that our members take a responsible and safe approach to motocross, and this policy is aimed at documenting risk management practices and procedures for our club members to follow.

To attain a uniform approach to risk management requires all members to adopt this policy and follow it strictly. It should be remembered that the administration of this policy is with the aim of reducing the risk of injury, and it is only a consequence of that positive effect that other flow on effects such as minimizing exposure to liability, and reduced insurance premiums may follow.

It is a requirement of membership with WAJMCC that this policy be adopted and uniformly followed by its members. If members breach this policy then their membership may be suspended or cancelled at the discretion of the executive committee.

All club rules must be obeyed.

Level 1 accredited officials, and above, will only receive a gate key.

Rider and official sign-on-sheets must be completed in accordance with MWA regulations when entering the track.

A committee member must be notified immediately of any track problems.

Keys are not to be duplicated or given to friends under any circumstance.

A working mobile phone must be present at the track when any practice/maintenance is being undertaken, for emergency use.

A basic 1st aid kit must be present with riding gear.

Non-members are only permitted on designated days, or when accompanied by a nominated come-n-try official.

All members must hold a valid licence with Motorcycling WA.

All members must be aware of the dangers of motorcycling sport. Although it is a fun and exciting sport, it also has the potential to cause serious injury to body (including death), mind and property. All members who engage in motocross do so at their own risk.





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