Membership FAQs


• Set up a Ridernet Account through MWA
Please join all Family Members together in Ridernet, this way you can access everyone form the same log
Add Club Membership through Ridernet – WA Junior MCC
• Single Membership Inc. Refundable Busy Bee Levy $375 - $150 Busy bee Levy will be refunded
back at the end of the year once 3x Busy Bees are completed.
• Single Membership not completing Busy Bee $475 – Busy Bees are not required to be completed
• Family Membership Inc. Refundable Busy Bee Levy $425 - $150 Busy bee Levy will be refunded
back at the end of the year once 3x Busy Bees are completed.
• Family Membership not completing Busy Bee $525 – Busy Bees are not required to be completed.
Once you have a club membership add your licence.
Mini/Recreational Licence – This is for riders 4-under 9yrs that wish to ride in the Demo 50cc Class or for
riders 4-under 16yrs that only wish to practice at the club.
Junior National Licence – All riders 7-under 16 years riding in the 50cc Auto and above classes. All these
riders must complete a log book/5hrs of coaching and be signed off.
All riders must also be signed off when moving up a bike size for example 50cc to 65cc, 65cc to 85cc,
85cc-125/250cc. This can be done with 6 months of turning of age for that class. However they wont be
able to race the upgraded size until they have had their birthday
50cc Auto – 7 to under 9 years
65cc – 7- under 12 years
85cc Small Wheels – 9 – under 12 years
85cc Small/Big Wheel – 12 – under 16 years
125cc – 13 – under 16 years
250cc – 13 – under 16 years
The rider’s age for the year is determined by the age they are as at the 1st of January. The rider is able to
move up to the next age bracket if they wish at their birthday however they cannot step back down.
For example if the riders birthday is 9th Jan. They are 8years old at the 1st but when they turn 9years on the
th they can now ride an 85cc bike. However this means you can no longer ride a 50cc.
Or if the rider is 9 years old at the 1st January they must move up to a 65cc they are no longer able to ride a
50cc bike.
To be able to obtain a club key & practice at the track the parent must have a Practice Supervisor Licence.
This can be done through MWA.
The parent will need their own Ridernet account also.
Once this course is done online you can email through your licence information through to to obtain a key.
At practice the following rules apply:
• Parent/Supervisor must hold their PS1
• Dummy lock the gate on arrival (in case emergency access is required)
• Sign on rider in book (Located at sign on shed)
• Sign on Supervisor in book (Located at sign on shed)
• No bikes to be started before 9am. Riding hours is between 9am – 6pm.
• Complete a site lap
• Report any issues on the track or at the venue to committee
• Each bike size must ride separately and 50cc bikes MUST NOT ride with other size bikes.
• 15mins per group at a time
• Communicate with other members at the track at the same time.
• Note: From time to time the track may be closed at short notice due to fire bans etc. It is important
that you check our facebook page regularly as this is where we will post information.
19th February Practice/Come & Try Day
12th March – Club Run #1
2nd April – Club Run #2
21st May – Club Run #3
24th & 25th June – Chidlow Challenge
6th August – Club Run #4
27th August – Club Run #5
10th September – Club Run #6
24th September – Club Run #7
8th October – Club Run #8
Registrations can be done online prior to the event via ridernet, or on the day.
$30 Demo rider
$25 2nd Class
$25 One Day Membership (For those not current members)
Gates open 7am
Sign on & Scrutineering 7.15 – 8.15am. Please have your rider’s licence ready for sign on. After signing on
please proceed to the scrutineering shed for your bike, ensuring you have riding gear on.
Riders Brief 8.45am, All riders & parents must attend
Flaggy Brief at 850am, under the scoring tower
Canteen opens at 715am, with the bar opening at 12pm
Alcohol can only be consumed in the licenced area, which is at the front of the bar/canteen area.
Every rider must supply a helper, No Helper = No Ride
• You must pit in the pit area either in a shed or out the back pit area near wash bays.
• No cars allowed in the back pit area
• Use fuelling bays to fuel bike.
• No riding bikes through the pit area or carpark
• No Push Bikes during racing at all
• Enclosed shoes must be worn in the pits
• No fires or open flames in the pit area
• No BYO Alcohol
• All Demo parents must sign onto the track if they wish to go out with their riders.
• All Demo parents must have a vest when on the track. The club does not have enough for everyone
so we suggest purchasing your own.
• 50cc Auto – 250cc – No parent is able to enter the track even in the event of an accident. The
officials and First Aid are capable of handling this. Once racing is complete and safe to enter an
official will advise you.
• If you have any questions or issues on the day please see officials in Blue. The Race Secretary and
Clerk of Course can help with any racing queries.
You have agreed as a member and when entering the event that you agree to the No hassle
Policy. The rider is responsible for the actions of themselves, family, friends and pit crew. In the
event that you feel you have been “hassled” in anyway please report this ASAP to a race official
or the President.
Race Day consists of practice and 3 races
Practice = 3 laps all classes
Race Times:
Demo = 8mins
50cc Auto = 4 Laps
65cc = 4 Laps
85cc = 5 Laps
125/250cc = 6 Laps
Demo Riders received an award at each club run.
All other classes we do grading after club run #3. At Club Run #4 grades will be posted and podium awards
will be given 1st-3rd for each grade of each class.
Busy bees are held the day before an event. Many hands make light work!
We hold regular General meetings where members can get together to hear what is happening at the club
& how they may be able to assist.
Both of these are advertised in advance on facebook as well as emails to the members.
Follow our facebook pages detailed below.
Wajmcc community group!
If you have any questions at all, please drop us an email & one of the committee
will get back to you when we get a chance.

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